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WAKOUWA is a sneaker that was born after Mika Anato developed an original last and produced 12 samples. Since we place importance on fitting, we have not been able to sell it by mail order until now, but we have developed a sheet that allows you to measure your own size, and it is now possible to sell it at the online shop.

Originally, WAKOUWA, a wooden toy maker from Switzerland, used to make toys with animal motifs such as dogs and cats in the old days. acquires the trademark.

After that, when the project started to make the best sneaker for Mika Anato, the adoption of a sperry sole (sole developed from the grooves on the soles of dogs' feet) merged with the story of WAKOUWA, a dog toy. , the name WAKOUWA and the character of the dog became an icon.

We researched the Manson last, which was invented by a US military doctor during the war. The arch of the foot holds the foot, and the toe part has a margin, but by doing so, it creates a stress-free comfort. In addition, it uses the "vulcanized manufacturing method", which is not often used today, and instead of sewing the canvas upper and rubber sole together, it is crimped to achieve a softer feel that is closer to bare feet. I'm here.

The feeling of holding the arch of the foot and the stress-free specification of the toe with a discarded size are comfortable to wear, similar to ALDEN's modified last, which has been a standard for Mika Anato for many years.

WAKOUWA will be in stock once a year, so please consider it as soon as possible.

▽About the measurement method using the measurement sheet
You can print the measurement sheet here .
(1) Print the measurement sheet on A4 size paper in "actual size". Please note that if the print size deviates, the measurement value will deviate.
(2) Make a valley fold along the GUIDE LINE on the measurement sheet.
(3) Place a box-shaped object (books or magazines can be piled up and used as a substitute) along the wall, align the valley-fold sides of the measurement sheet, and fix them to the floor with tape.
④ Align the heel with the HEEL of the GUIDE LINE, and if it is the left foot, place the inside of the left foot along the vertical GUIDE LINE. At this time, align your feet and measure by looking straight down in a natural posture. Mark with a pen where the longest leg is pointing. This will be your foot length.
⑤ Measure one leg in the same way. If there is a difference between the left and right sides, select the longer size. Depending on the width of the foot and the height of the instep, it may be recommended to shift to half size.

*If you already have a WAKOUWA, you can use the same size.

SIZE: 6/6H/7/7H/8/8H/9/9H/10/10H