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Boots Cross Andalusia

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"CRUZADO BOOTS" arrived from Andalusia, Spain.

Western boots with no brand name or information on the outer box or insole. 

Maybe they don't need a brand name because it's from a gaucho harness store in Spain that sells bags.

These boots started in Paris in 2018, and are now finally available in all stores.

CRUZADO = As the meaning of "crossed",

It features a belt that is crafted to cover the side gore.

An intricate design with the belt part woven to cross.

A constricted last with a leather sole that somehow leaves the impression of MODIFIED LAST.

The "Goodyear manufacturing method" provides excellent walking and shock-absorbing properties, and when the sole wears out, it can be repaired with an all-sole that replaces the entire sole with a new one.

Thick calf leather (calf) is used, and the foot is very soft.

Only one point, the rubber part of the side gore is strong, so it takes effort to wear it. Therefore, people with high insteps should be careful.

SIZE: 40/41/42